About the Foundation

Game Plan

Every day we receive requests for money and our time. Although all of the causes are worthy, resources can only spread so far. Being in the public spotlight through the years, I have tried to support many causes by attending special functions as a celebrity participant, by donating an autographed item for the fundraising auctions or by assisting in the organization of special events. As a result, a great deal of essential money has been raised by the committed volunteers for worthy organizations. My charity work has brought me a great deal of satisfaction, as I have been able to give something back to the community that has supported me through the years.

The formation of the Ron Ellis Team Canada Foundation gives me the opportunity to continue these enjoyable yet worthwhile fundraising ventures. In addition, it allows me to know exactly where the funds are designated. A handpicked advisory committee assists me and my fellow board members with the allocation of funds for approved causes.


The Foundation will designate funds to several outstanding charities, including children’s charities and those addressing life threatening diseases. The immediate need of the Foundation is a specific Canadian cancer research project being conducted at a Canadian facility, by Canadian researchers, of which The Ron Ellis Team Canada Foundation is the sole funding source. The scientists are convinced that a cure for certain types of cancer is a realistic possibility through specific cancer treatment. I am intrigued and excited by the opportunity and, with the assistance of the Foundation; I hope that we can help Canada give one more extraordinary gift to the world.


Through the course of the year, various exciting events are being planned to raise funds for The Ron Ellis Team Canada Foundation.  There will be plenty of opportunity to get involved personally, as well as corporately as a sponsor for all of these events.

Whether we are fundraising for some of the outstanding children’s charities, or assisting a specific Canadian research project that is quickly approaching a cure for certain types of cancer, The Ron Ellis Team Canada Foundation is working diligently to make sure that these important organizations and projects can keep moving forward toward their goals. Reaching our objectives will bring Canada to the forefront of cancer research worldwide.

With some support, we will work to make Canada’s dreams come true. With enough support, together we will proudly make the world’s dreams come true.

Please give generously.

Charity number:  87934 1204 RR0001.